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Ethanol (E10) has been introduced to gasoline in order to meet strict EPA standards.
The addition of Ethanol has caused many problems such as:
Hard Starts - Rough Running - No Power -Check Engine Lights - Lean Codes
Engine Deposits - Corrosion - Catalytic Converter Failures, etc. due to phase separation.

Phase Separation is a major problem with E10 Gas
Protect your engines:
Gas RX and Octaplus will Prevent Phase Separation

Enlarge Image
Item #: 11100
$3.99 each
Size: 2 oz (24 per case)
$17.99 each
Size: 32 oz (12 bottles per case)
$65.99 each
Size: 1 gal (4 per case)
$228.48 each
Size: 5 gal (2 - 2.5 gal containers)
$228.48 each
Size: 5 gal (1 unit)
GAS-RX™is the all-season hi-tech treatment and conditioner that eliminates the harmful effects of water contamination in all 2 and 4 cycle engines! GAS-RX™is an organic based, powerful fuel system stabilizer and cleaner, that helps prevent E-10 fuel Phase Separation. GAS-RX™improves fuel efficiency, increases power, reduces emissions, and reduces engine wear. This powerful multi-purpose formula dissolves gum, varnish, and carbon deposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. GAS-RX™contains no harmful alcohols or emulsifiers and allows your engine to operate with all the power and efficiency it was designed to. Protect your 2 and 4 cycle engines with GAS–RX™Gasoline Conditioner and Stabilizer
  • Newly Formulated to Prevent
        Problems with Ethanol Blended Fuels
  • Removes Water
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Improves Starting & Performance
  • No Harmful Alcohols or
  • Use for 2 and 4 Cycle Engines
  • Super Concentrated —
       32 oz. Treats up to 250 Gallons

  • Specifications
      One quart size bottle safely treats up to 250 gallons of fuel. For